Sunday, December 11, 2005

Its great to be home now and to look back on a wonderful trip. Here are some photos from the adventure.

The IL-76 shortly after touch-down on the ice at Patriot Hills.

The Twin Otter taking off toward Vinson Base.

Vinson base camp with Mt. Vinson in the background.

On the way to camp 1.

On the way to camp 2 - the headwall.

Looking down the lower headwall towards Sue's Pyramid.

Past the headwall - just about to camp 2 on the Shinn-Vinson Col.

Camp 2 (high camp).

Climbing above high camp.

Looking up towards the summit. Our route of ascent was the right skyline and we descended the left side.

In the upper valley just before the summit pyramid.

Gaining the summit ridge.

Looking back on the lower summit ridge.

The team within minutes of the top.

Smile on top.

Heading down the left skyline.

The final stretch back into basecamp.